Please ensure FIRST that you can access the free video on YouTube HERE..  Then buy this ebook, and you have a  BRILLIANT UBD unit integrating the Key Competencies, higher level thinking, and Inquiry learning, all in one package. You do need either the free YouTube video, or your own DVD of the documentary from The National Geographic,"Guns, Germs & Steel", which this unit is built around.

This fascinating topic, what is a civilisation, and why do some "succeed", offers a wealth of opportunities for questioning, discussion and reflection.

A ready-to-go unit which includes photocopiable worksheets, pre-post assessment, planning documents - even a section on Habits of Mind. This is one broad cross-curricular unit that will keep your students engaged for weeks!

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Successful Civilisations (inquiry e-unit)

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FREE!!  DO NOT ADD TO YOUR CART! (**Read note above to download.)  A resource that has surely stood the test of time! Check out the THREE free activity-planner sheets which will help you to write your own Bloom's activities. Students can be taught to do this too!  Designed by Jean Edwards.

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