INQUIRY: what will I get?

INQUIRY: what will I get?


ILC unit contents:

All the "hard bits" done for you

- ready for you to personalise for your own students!

You get:

  • a set of photocopiable cards for ASSESSING PRIOR KNOWLEDGE;
  • a CREATIVE THINKING activity;
  • several ASSESSMENT TOOLS... and more. Even a set of recommended resources for your and your students, from books to videos to websites.

Each book:

Examines the role which that particular set plays in our world, examining the issue from a range of binary/ opposing viewpoints which are supplied for you. For example, in COMMUNICATION, opposites are given such as" verbal vs non-verbal", "animal vs  human", "opinion vs  fact", "personal vs  group or community",  "obvious meaning vs  hidden meaning (subtle, implied)".

Provides you with Big  Understandings as students' learning intentions or learning goals

Supplies Essential Questions for deep thinking and transfer. For example, " How do different types of advertising, affect us differently?"   and, "How is advertising different from art?"

 Offers a choice of CREATIVE THINKING activities suited for various different learning styles (analytical, creative, kinaesthetic...)

Includes a full set of photo copiable PRIOR KNOWLEDGE cards

Includes a web link or reference to a HOOK  to get the students excited and motivated (e.g. free video, book title...)

A list of ACTIVITIES to choose from, for the second stage (teacher-modelled investigation)

 Plus  several fantastic  ASSESSMENT TOOLS for you!

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