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"My children love the Thinkies blended unit:  we are in the middle of Rights and Responsibilities unit at the moment. They use the Blooms language when they discuss their work and have taken control of their thinking.

I've been really amazed by the quality of work that is being produced and the focus for my boys is incredible.

I would just like to see more of these developed... I have an e learning class now and they are just going from strength to strength with their inquiry skills." Sue Harris, NZ

Blended learning units with all the bells and whistles- available NOW


  • can be viewed on laptops,iPads, tablets, desktop computers. Accessible in ANY browser.

  • blended and 'flipped" learning (in-class work, computers, and any-time work)

  • differentiated learning (caters for all abilities, offers choices)

  • possibility for gifted groups, individual enrichment, whole classes, syndicates..

  • suitable for years 5-12.

 - yours to own, and to add to or adapt! AND it even includes a complete Bloom's activities section. Differentiated! PLUS a detailed Teacher's Package stuffed with further resources and activities. Check it out- you'll be glad you did! 

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SPACE:Advanced ILC book

SPACE (advanced version) examines the role that space plays in negatively/positively affecting socie..

$NZ 10.00 $NZ 20.00

How To Teach Thinking Skills

AT LAST! A practical introduction to teaching thinking skills. Includes enough theory for thorough c..

$NZ 23.50 $NZ 47.00

How To Teach the Habits of Mind

AT LAST! A practical book on HOW to teach the Habits of Mind. Based on Art Costa's HOM theory, this ..

$NZ 23.50 $NZ 47.00

iPad in Education (for Dummies)

It's easy to bring the incredible iPad experience to your classroom today! The iPad is a natural fi..

$NZ 19.50 $NZ 39.00

SCHOOL CAMP- ILC adv version

SCHOOL CAMP (ADVANCED version) examines the role that school camp plays in our lives; how SCHOOL CAM..

$NZ 10.00 $NZ 20.00

Question Starters- A4 posters

Want to get teachers and students asking thoughtful and rich questions? Full set of Question Starte..

$NZ 19.50 $NZ 39.00

Understanding by Design: Professional Development Workbook

Understanding by Design: Professional Development Workbook extends the ideas presented in Understand..

$NZ 20.50 $NZ 41.00

Graphic Thinker eBook

Need tools to help your students to organise their thinking? And to get them using higher-level thin..

$NZ 20.00