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Amazing resources that we hope are just what on-the-ball teachers need :

Blended learning units with all the bells and whistles- available NOW


• can be viewed on laptops,iPads, tablets, desktop computers. Accessible in ANY browser.
• online units that teachers/schools can purchase, which cater for:
▪ ages 9-adult
▪ in-class work, computers, PLUS any-time ( work
▪ students can make their OWN free websites
▪ differentiated learning (caters for all abilities, offers choices)
▪ possibility for gifted groups, slow learners, individual enrichment, whole classes, syndicates...!


- YES yours to own, in perpetuity, hosted free --and yours to add to or adapt!

AND it even includes a complete Bloom's activities section.

Differentiated! PLUS a detailed Teacher's Package absolutely STUFFED with further resources and activities. From  skills-sheets to creative thinking activities to mat-discussion and videos, to assessments. Check it out- you'll be glad you did! 

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