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Understanding by Design:the PD Workbook -76%

Understanding by Design:the PD Workbook

LAST ONE!! This PD Workbook extends the ideas presented in Understanding by Design (Ubd) by focusing on professional development and the practical matters of curriculum design. The Workbook is a gu ...readmore

$NZ 41.00 $NZ 10.00

Concept-Rich Mathematics Instruction -83%

Concept-Rich Mathematics Instruction

"Building a Strong Foundation for Reasoning and Problem-Solving"Have you ever wondered why students too often have only a rudimentary understanding of mathematics, why even  rich and exciting han ...readmore

$NZ 59.00 $NZ 10.00

*THINKIES: Resilience

Includes sample BIG UNDERSTANDINGS such as: •  Resilience is more than just ‘bouncing back’ •  Resilience is closely linked with various personality traits •  Resilience is a t ...readmore

$NZ 90.00

HABITS of MIND: How To Teach; ebook version

The ebooks version of How To Teach the Habits Of Mind- all you need to start using and assessing the HOM with your children- and with adults! A best seller. ...readmore

$NZ 25.00

Creative UNIT Extenders -71%

Creative UNIT Extenders

Extenders to push units in mind-expanding new directions. Students absolutely LOve these; use them as assignments or simply offer as choice for those spare times. Unit topics include recycling, spa ...readmore

$NZ 34.00 $NZ 10.00

Creativity Starters -71%

Creativity Starters

This is the book you need to introduce your students to creative thinking as well as to teach them to assess and improve their individual scores. Fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration a ...readmore

$NZ 34.00 $NZ 10.00